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grab your board. we are going snowboarding with the experts from esf la rosière.

suitable for All levels 

Whether you are a beginner and never been on a snowboard before to an expert who would like technique training, you have come to the best place for snowboarding.

  • ESF La Rosière offer snowboarding throughout the whole season from Beginner to Level 4. 
     - From Beginner to Snow 2 levels: classes take place from Sunday to Friday 
     - For Snow 3 and 4 levels: classes take place over 3 hours a day, during 5 days. 
  • Each group is put together in the first instance by your ESF instructor. 
  • A lift pass is required from the first day from Class 1 Level onwards.
    For beginners you will need a lift pass later in the week depending on progress.
Horaires et Tarifs
dates & times
From Sunday to Friday
low seasonseasonhigh season
FROM 14/12 TO 20/12/2019
FROM 04/01 TO 07/02/2020
FROM 07/03 TO 03/04/2020
FROM 18/04 TO 24/04/2020
FROM 21/12/2019 TO 03/01/2020
FROM 04/04 TO 17/04/2020
FROM 08/02 TO 06/03/2020
Group Snowboard - Level Beginner to Snow 2
  • 6 lessons from Sunday to Friday 
  • A lift pass is required from the Snow Level 1
sessionlow seasonseasonhigh season
afternoon14:30-17:0014:30-17:0015:00 - 17:00
Course & price Rosière CentreLes Eucherts
6 days Snowboard lessons 180 € 180 €
In case of insufficient number of students (less than 3), then ESF is likely to group courses together 

From 180€
Group Snowboard - Levels Snow 3 and Snow 4
  • 5 lessons from Sunday to Friday, (Wednesday free time)
  • 3 hours per session
HIGH SEASON14h-17h225 €
SEASON / LOW SEASON14h-17h 180 €
Course & price Rosière CentreLes Eucherts
5 days Snowboard lessons
In case of insufficient number of students (less than 3), then ESF is likely to group courses together 
We do not refund in case of cancellation, injury or illness. For peace of mind we would recommend Carré neige insurance
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