Frequently asked questions

What methods of payment are accepted?
Our online booking accepts all credit cards, except American Express and Diner's Club.
If you would like to pay by ANCV, cheque, bank transfer or cash, please contact us.
What insurance should I take out for winter sports?
Students are not insured by the ESF. We recommend Carré Neige insurance.
What happens if my holiday is cancelled?
Do I have to go to the esf when I arrive?
You do not need to come to our premises. You can go directly to the instructor for your first session (arrive 5 minutes early), and take your booking confirmation with you.

About online booking

What do I do if there are no courses available?
Try entering Saturday as the start date to check that there are no other possibilities. Check the level, age or period, and if the problem persists, contact us.
Your website tells me that the courses are fully booked. What can I do?
It is likely that our software is blocking sales and that you will not be able to buy your course online. To be on the safe side, please contact the ESF (email or telephone) and we will give you a definitive answer.
The student's age does not correspond to the chosen course. What can I do?
We calculate the number of months between the date of birth and the date of the course to check that the courses correspond to your child's age.
The age taken into account is that of the child on the 1st day of the course and not on the day of your order: this is why this message may seem inconsistent, but there is no error. Do not hesitate to choose another course for your child that corresponds to his/her age at the start of the ski holidays.
I can't access the payment page after booking my lessons.
Your browser's security level may be too high. Use the "Preferences" menu to lower it. It is also possible that your network uses a firewall, which should be deactivated for the duration of the booking.

Parents, we answer your questions

How should I dress my child during lessons?
  • Warm, comfortable, waterproof jacket, dungarees or overalls
  • Mittens rather than finger gloves
  • Mask or sunglasses (attached with a cord) with UV protection factor 3 minimum
Can we attend the sessions?
It's human nature to "hide" behind a slalom pole to watch your child... but your little one will spot you quicker than you think, and that's likely to make him cry or stop him wanting to ski and have fun with his new friends!
Instead, ask for a short report at the end of the session. We have your mobile number (to give to our hostesses) and in the event of a problem or major grief we will contact you quickly.
How is my child assessed?
The instructors assess the child's progress throughout the week. At the end of the week, small courses will be laid out to enable the instructors to check your child's technique.
How are the medals awarded?
Friday is medal day. Each child will be presented with a medal by the instructors, ending the week with a moment of conviviality.
If your child already has an ability booklet, remember to give it to the instructor in the middle of the week.
I would like two children to be in the same group. What should I do?
Groups are not formed in advance but on the spot by the instructors. We invite you to let the instructors know what you want from the first session.
Note that if the children do not progress in the same way, or if they do not have the same level, they will be likely to be put in different groups to ensure their progression in the best conditions.
Do you recommend private lessons for beginners?
In many cases, private lessons are recommended to help beginner children overcome their natural fear of sliding.

What equipment is suitable?

What equipment is suitable for skiing?
Skis, boots, helmet, poles (from 1st star level for children).
What equipment is suitable for snowboarding?
Snow, boots, helmet, wrist and knee pads.
What equipment is suitable for off-piste riding?
Wide skis or double spatulas.
We provide safety equipment if you are not equipped (avalanche transceiver, airbag, shovel and probe).
What equipment do I need for snowshoeing?
Walking shoes, snowshoes, poles, rucksack with drink and snacks.