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Texte d'introduction

Private courses in all disciplines and for all levels. Everything covered for your next winter holiday.

the only way to ensure a more compact learning experience. 

A private lesson for 1 or 2 hours is the ideal way to try something new and/or improve technique.

Validation du niveau :
  • The evaluation of your level will be decided for each discipline.
  • Our ESF instructors require a minimum of 4 sessions on our Private Lessons to truly evaluate your child's technical level.
  • If you want to book a private lesson for several people, it is important that they have a similar level and are of the same age group. This is to ensure a consistent progression within the group.
Horaires et Tarifs
dates & times

low season

14/12/19 to 20/12/20
04/01/20 to 07/02/20
07/03/20 to 03/04/20
18/04/20 to 26/04/20
christmas and easter holidays

21/12/19 TO 03/01/20
04/04/20 TO 17/04/20 
       february holidays        

          08/02/20 TO 06/03/20             
TIMES AND LENGTHstarting at 11.45
or starting at 13.30 (FOR 1 HOUR ONLY)
lenght : 1h - 1h30 or 2h 
starting at 11.30
lenght : 1H - 1H30 OR 2H
starting at 14h
lenght : 1hour
prices*50 € per hour 60 € per hour 60 € per hour
*Prices for 1-2 people, +12 €/ hour per extra person


Private lessons - from 50€/hourRosière CentreLes Eucherts
Ski - Level Piou-Piou and Ourson
Ski - Flocon beginner
Ski - Flocon (not beginner)
Ski - 1st star
Ski - All other levels / Snowboard - All levels (price from 50€/hour)

During the low season and from 4th to 17 April 2020, you receive a 10% discount from the fifth lesson purchased! 

We do not refund in case of cancellation, injury or illness. For peace of mind we would recommend Carré neige insurance
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