ESF La Rosière
Texte d'introduction

is there a better way to ski? 
Fly from the Italian Border and get dropped on peaks above the resort at places no-one reaches but you!
Helisking with professional esf mountain experts.

making unforgettable memories.

ESF La Rosière offer heliski trips from mid January (weather permitting) and all trips are supervised and taken by the very best of professional and talented ESF mountain experts.

  • Our Heliski outings consist of 4 people (participants) and one ESF instructor and are available from mid January.
  • It is possible to do 1 or 2 drops on the most beautiful summits and heliski spots like: Ruitor (3300 meters), Miravidi, Freduaz, Mont Ouille
  • ESF supply all safety equipment including: tranceiver, air bag, shovel and probe.
  • Our ESF instructor will speak to you to ensure you make the most of the day and weather conditions.
  • Lift Passes not included (necessary for getting to Italy to meet the helicopter).
Horaires et Tarifs

Why not give a HELISKI EXCURSION as a gift? Contact us to arrange it.


Please supply the following information before embarking on a heliski excursion.
  • The number of drops you plan to make (this number may vary depending on the snow and weather conditions)
  • The number of people who wish to go - Specify their name, date of birth and whether they ski or snowboard.
  • Your availability for heliskiing - a larger range of dates will give you a better chance of going.
  • A mobile number so that the guide can contact you.
  • In order to pre-book your trip, we will ask for a deposit of 60 € per person.

    (In case of bad weather and cancellation of the trip by the guide, the deposit will be refunded)

Price from  305€
Heliski Excursions
  • The price INCLUDES:
  • RETURN BY TAXI (when necessary)
  • The price DOES NOT INCLUDE:
  • Insurance in case of injury
  • Ski Lift Pass

1 drop - price per person (season 2018-2019)Price from 305 €
2 drops - price per person (season 2018-2019)Price from 440 €
Rates for the 2019-2020 season will be available in early January 2020.
We do not refund in case of cancellation, injury or illness. For peace of mind we would recommend Carré neige insurance
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  • Tel : +33 (0)4 79 06 81 26