KIDS CLUB FOR ages 18 months to 12 years 

Parents, we urge you to go skiing with the peace of mind that your children are in good hands.

The Galopins Club is present on the 2 areas of the resort (La Rosière Centre and Les Eucherts), with the Baby Club for 18 months to 3 years at the Rosière Centre, and the Club Loisirs for ages 3 to 13 at both areas. 
  • The Galopins staff (all graduated, trained and motivated) offer a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities ...
  • Hearty meals are proposed (starter, hot dish, cheese, dessert), which can be adapted to any dietary needs
  • Napping is possible for the youngest in a specially designed room   

Children under 3 are only accepted in the Galopins club in la Rosière centre. We will check the ages of all children on arrival and will be obliged to refuse children who are not of the regulatory age.


morning8.45-9.30 : MORDING DROP OFF
12.30-13.00 : MIDDAY PICK UP
afternoon13.15-13.30 : AFTERNOON DROP OFF
16.30-17.15 : EVENING PICK UP
Please come to the Galopins reception on your first day to : 
  • Meet us and have a look around the club
  • Give us your booking confirmation
  • Give us your health questionnaire that you should have received by email (or fill it in if you don't have it)

Please bring the following items for your child:
  • Indoor clothing : 
Leggings, trousers or thermals to go under a ski suit, so that your child will be comfortable indoors
Slippers (optional)
  • Outdoor clothing : 
Ski suit, scarf, bobble hat, gloves, snow boots
Sun glasses, sun cream
  • And for the littlies :
Soft toy, blanket or dummy
Nappies and baby wipes
A change of clothes (T-shirt, Jumper, Socks, Trousers ...)

A typical day :

  • The morning :
Indoor games, board games, painting, puppet making etc... 
Outdoor games, walks, sledging, climbing frame (slide), snowmen etc...
Decisions on activities will be made according to the weather.
11.30- 12.30 : meals for those that have booked it - the others will continue to play inside
(hot meals are supplied by an external supplier)

  • The afternoon :
Nap time for those who usually have one (we have special rooms for the children's naptime)
After naptime : Indoor games, board games, painting, puppet making etc... Outdoor games, walks, sledging, climbing frame (slide), snowmen etc...
16.00 : snacks supplied by the Galopins (biscuit or fruit or yoghurt) - please bring your own in case of any allergies.

956 Route du Col du Petit Saint Bernard - 73700 Montvalezan