• Ensure you arrive at the meeting point 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson
  • Inform us of any possible health problem
  • Stay hydrated and eat properly
  • Warm up and stretch your muscles after your lesson
  • Choose the correct equipment suited to your level, your height and your activity


  • Equip your child correctly
  • Wearing a helmet is highly recommended for children on the slopes
  • Please avoid watching your child in lessons from a prominent position. If you wish to watch please be out of sight from your child as our instructors cannot get the best results if you are in view
  • Leave the instructors to decide on class and level changes, they are professionals and know how to recognise the level of your child
  • Your child is on vacation and the goal is to make it fun and have the desire to return. Then, follow the pace and do not try to make a champion before its time! 


How would you suggest I dress my child each day?

  • Ski Jacket or warm coat that is waterproof
  • Mittens rather than gloves.
  • Sunglasses (on a cord) for the glare and sun cream that is UV15 min.

Can we attend the classes?

We realise that you would like to watch your child learn to ski, however, when a child gets frustrated or can't manage first time (which is rare anyhow) the instruction, they tend to shed tears and call for mummy or daddy. This is only natural. If you are in view our ESF instructor will immediately lose the control and trust of your child. Therefore, we would prefer you to either 1) hide behind a structure out of view or 2) leave the teaching to us and go and enjoy your holiday. The sooner your child gets through the cold times, frustrating times, toppling over times, the sooner he/she will be skiing on the main slopes with you.

How is my child evaluated during the week?

ESF instructors evaluate the progress of the child throughout the week. At the end of the week a short courses will be formed to allow the instructors to check the technique acquired by your child.

Does my child receive a medal?

Friday is the day of the medal ceremony.
Each child will be given a medal by our ESF instructors to finish the week with a moment of conviviality.
If your child already has a book of abilities please give it to the instructor during the middle of the week.

I wish two children to be in the same group, what should I do?

Our groups are not formed in advance but on site by our ESF instructors. We would invite you to share your wishes with the instructors from the first session.
Please Note: If children do not evolve the same way or if they do not have the same level they will be likely to be put in different groups to ensure progression is achievable.

Do you recommend lessons for beginner children?

In many cases it is a Private Lesson that we recommended as it helps beginner children overcome their natural apprehension of skiing.
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