Texte d'introduction

SNOwSHOEING is an ideal way to see nature, progress at your own pace, reach places untouched by regular skiers and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the La Rosière landscape. 

adult snowshoeing (raquettes) with ESF La ROSIÈre

Venture off the beaten track with an experienced ESF mountain expert. Live the mountain experience in a different and slower way. Snowshoeing allows you to take everything in and admire the beauty of the resort and surrounding mountains.

Let yourself be guided by our specific snowshoeing course. You will need and receive the following:
  • Enjoy different choices of durations of outings to boost everyones enjoyment.
  • You will need snowshoes and sticks. These can be hired at local ski hire shops.
  • Some excursions will require a ski pass. Please ask.
We do not make a refund in case of cancellation, injury or illness. For peace of mind we would recommend Carré neige insurance
Horaires et Tarifs
  • Program and weekly rates published at the ESF
  • Rates vary depending on the type of outing and the period
Price from  14€
  • Throughout the season 
  • Equipment not provided 
  • Sessions duration is your choice 
  • Booking can be made on site in the ESF office 
package - snowshoeing Rosière Centre
Introduction 14 € - 20 €
Half day 27 € - 33 €
Full day 46 €
Specific snowshoeing engagement (rate per hour) 45 € - 65 €
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